How does proces Credit Card Payments?

All payments are utililized using a third party payment system (world wide renown PayPal Advanced) embedded into our payment page using an iframe, which is SSL protected.

All your financial information (like your credit card number) is securely stored and encrypted on their servers.
So, NO Credit Card Information is Stored or Recorded on the servers.
Which also means any communications between your browser and's payment processor are private and secure.

All payments are processed in real-time and the credit card you've provided to our payment page will be charged immidiately.

After completion of purchase, you will receive an email notification with all payments details. Your domain(s) will be registered at ".SX Registry" at real-time as well.

The contract is closed between the customer and as soon as the terms and conditions are accepted and the order is submitted.
Your transaction will show on your credit card statement as REGISTERSX.COM.
We recommend to print out the transaction data and keep it at an easely accessible place.

If you have a problem and can't find an answer, email us for support at Send email to support .sx
For sales oriented questions, comments and feedback, please email us at send email to info .sx
We will answer your question within 12 hours.

Thank You! Team